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Susan Ramirez (Dancer/Dance Instructor at Studio @ Hoboken)



Matthew is an outstanding, creative, as well as an educator! As a dancer, you want to be as great as a storyteller as you can, because you are speaking with your body. Not only is Matthew an exemplary storyteller, but he is a graceful teacher and wonderful spirit! I took his class one time and fell in love, and had to come back! I would take his classes every day if I could! Whether you are introductory level or advance, Matthew has an innate way of storytelling through movement and educating the masses through Dance! Sign up now!

Marie Granata (Dancer at Studio @ Hoboken)


Attended classes for adults of differing skill level, and differing lengths of time since “last” formal classes. Matthew Vincent Taylor, during his tenure at The Studio, instructed classes I attended Saturday mornings & Thursday evenings. Matthew’s approach: upbeat, made class time fun (using popular music as well as traditional ballet music), patient, engaging, encouraging full participation regardless of (rusty) skill level. Explained the nuances of barre work warmup as to what was being worked, and how best to execute the exercise to achieve benefit. Explained / demonstrated the components of floor work routines and how they fit together to achieve the routine outcome and feel. Explained  projection of “stage presence” while executing the routines. Enjoyed class times with Matthew, felt a camaraderie with other class members, and left each class feeling very much a ‘ballerina’ (a little taller, a little more graceful). Enjoyed class times with Matthew, felt a camaraderie with other class members, and left each class feeling very much a ‘ballerina’ (a little taller, a little more graceful).

Diana Kuritza (Dancer at Studio @ Hoboken)



I have such fond memories of Matt's ballet classes, which were set to the backdrop of pop music. Matt has a remarkable talent for infusing each session with his infectious energy, making them something I looked forward to attending each week. His classes were a perfect blend of fun and challenging.


What I truly cherished about Matt's teaching style was his knack for crafting combinations that were both challenging but also immensely enjoyable. And he had a way of providing feedback and notes that were both encouraging and constructive, always pushing each student to give their best. Matt's classes were a delight to attend, whoever has him as a teacher is a lucky dancer!

Jenna Toriscelli (Dancer/Model/Realtor)



Matthew Taylor has been a friend and colleague of mine for nearly ten years. I have had the pleasure of working with Matthew many times throughout his career. As an artist Matthew is creative, bold and witty; as a person, he is simply joy. Matthew’s warm energy is contagious. When he teaches, his students feel supported and inspired. Matthew’s experience and knowledge are apparent and his students trust and respect him greatly.


Matthew has also shared his photography skills with me. When working on a shoot,

Matthew does not cut corners or rush to find the perfect shot. Instead, he takes pleasure in the process and encourages new ideas. Through working with Matthew I have discovered that the process is the most important part of any work. I have gained joy and valuable knowledge from working with Matthew and believe he would be an excellent addition to your company.

Darybe Simpson (Actress/Student from DC Dance Factory)



I have taken classes with Matthew Taylor for many years including group classes and private lessons. Matthew pays a lot of attention to detail and has taught me so much. He is very knowledgeable and gives corrections in an encouraging and supportive way. My technique improved tremendously in a short time after working with him.   


I would say some of Matthew’s greatest qualities are his energy and passion for dance and life in general. When he walks in a room he brings a happiness and positive energy that only he could bring. I enjoy taking his classes very much and will continue to do so!   

Gaelle Clesca (America’s Got Talent, Nurses Choir Member from Northwell Health)


I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Matthew Vincent Taylor for any choreography or leadership role in the performing arts sector. As a member of the Northwell Health Nurse Choir at Northwell Health, I had the pleasure of working closely with Matthew during season 16 of America's Got Talent where he meticulously choreographed the performance for our choir. Matthew's exceptional talent in choreography was evident when the choir won the coveted Golden Buzzer, a testimony to the brilliance he brought to the stage. His ability to craft a performance that resonates deeply with both the performers and the audience demonstrates his level of dedication and passion for his craft.


What distinguishes Matthew from many in his field is his unparalleled leadership skills, especially when guiding large groups. His genuine dedication to people, both individually and collectively, is truly remarkable. It was these qualities, among others, that led Northwell Health to handpick him over numerous other talented choreographers. From our very first interaction, it was evident that Matthew was not just another choreographer; he was a team player with an infectious energy that instantly connected with our entire team. His dedication, coupled with his unmatched skill set, made working with him not just a professional endeavor but an honor. 


In conclusion, I am confident that Matthew Taylor will be an invaluable asset to any organization. His blend of talent, passion, and leadership is rare, and I wholeheartedly believe that any team would be fortunate to have him on board. Should you require further details regarding my recommendation, you may reach me at 516-732-1250 or via email at


Gaelle Clesca MSN, RN, CPN

Assistant Nurse Manager

Cassidy Caban (America’s Got Talent, Nurses Choir Member from Northwell Health)


I had the pleasure of working with Matthew in 2021 when he choreographed our audition for America’s Got Talent. Matthew was so much fun to work with! He is talented, professional, and always made the hard work fun. Matthew was able to choreograph dances that looked incredible on stage, challenged us as non-dancers, and made us feel comfortable and confident the whole way through. Matthew’s passion for the arts is evident in the effort, care, and compassion he puts into his work. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


Christian Montanez (America’s Got Talent, Nurses Choir Member from Northwell Health)



Matthew was assigned the task to choreograph and prepare The Northwell Health Nurse Choir for their audition on America's Got Talent Season 16 in 2021. With the clashing of multiple personalities with different backgrounds, specialties, and ages, Matthew was able to find a strategic approach to properly manage our diverse group. Through his charisma, talent, and vision, he was able to design our choreography that ultimately led to our Golden Buzzer audition from Howie Mandel. It was a pleasure working with him.


"Solaris Sigma Cydawn: 15(m[M]+12+Soldawn)"

Collage by Penny

Original Photo by Jordyn Smalling Shadrach

Photo at New York University: Tisch School of the Arts

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