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Hey Y'all!

   Born and raised in Nashville, TN, one of my earliest memories is being described by the phrase: "never met a stranger."

 To this day I can talk to a wall and have plans for a coffee date next week. My point being, I'm most interested in the person, in people, and the occasional wall. I'm constantly reminded that wisdom can be found anywhere if you can catch it through the right lens.

   I grew up working as a studio singer on mostly children's musicals, but on occasion for artists like Carrie Underwood in Nashville. At 9, I began training at DC Dance Factory, where I was taught by leading commercial dancers till I graduated from high school. After receiving almost a quarter of a million dollars in college scholarships, I decided to attend NYU:Tisch School of the Arts where I had received a full tuition scholarship. During college, I had the honor of performing on some legendary stages like Carnegie Hall, where I performed 2 self choreographed solos for the 9th AGBU Performing Arts Gala, New York City Center, as a ensemble member and swing for Crystal Pite's "Polaris", and Radio City Music Hall, in a choir backing up Jared Leto for the Grammy Musicares Gala. After receiving my BFA from NYU, May 18', I was so excited to step into the next season of my life.

   As an interdisciplinary creator/performer based in NYC, one can't help but recognize that the lenses, identities, I see life through are not universal; this truth is mirrored in my professional life. Dancing, Singing, Acting, Photography, Choreography, Comedy, Writing, Directing-- each of these mediums, tools, can function independently, but the isolation of tools also limits mobilizing beyond. My life as an artist focuses on the exploration of these intersections.

   Ultimately, my life is about service. Art is merely a tool of communication, and just like all these mediums we choose to study, a tool needs a Human to wield it. The best service I have to offer is my enthusiasm for people and problem solving. I hope to continue humbly learning, growing, creating, performing, and serving as I navigate the industry at large.

   If you've read this far-- we should be friends! Check out the rest of my website, and follow my on social media!

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