By 10, I had been working as a session singer on children's musicals and other various youth projects around Nashville for a few years. Tons of small projects that I've honestly never heard, but with some landmarks like: Disneyland Tokyo: “Lilo’s Parade”, Carrie Underwood's Christmas (Warner Brothers), and a commercial for  Dollywood's “Winter Wonderland!”

   More recently, I've had the pleasure of performing in choirs at both The Trevor Project: Live, behind Shoshana Bean and Jeremy Jordan, and at the Grammy’s “Musicares” Concert at Radio City Music Hall behind Jared Leto; both under the direction of the talented Tim Davis.

   My musical instincts come into play across the board as a creator and performer. Understanding timing, at any level, as a dancer, as a singer, as a comedian, as a filmmaker, is often the key that brings the pieces to life. Then using that understanding of musical concepts and finding harmony, which I feel is ultimately the goal for any collaborative effort.

   As I continue forward in my career, as a 3rd generation tenor :), I hope for opportunities to use what I've got to its fullest.

Vocal Training:

Matthew Vincent Taylor // Proudly creating since 1996

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