Matthew Vincent Taylor // Proudly creating since 1996

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    I began my dance journey at DC Dance Factory. One of the leading dance studios is the country. For 10 years, I was trained by some of the best commercial dancers in the industry. I became completely obsessed with dance, but more specifically DC Dance.

     Upon graduating from high school, I attended NYU:Tisch School of the Arts concentrating in dance on a full tuition scholarship. My dream school turned out to be all it was cracked up to be in ways I never expected. I knew I wanted to get everything I could out of my time at NYU. I worked endlessly to understand my body more, and push my brain further; and focusing on choreography. NYU gave me the tools to articulate myself like I'd never thought before. Embracing the abstract, and learning to use chance as a tool for creation; not to mention, the physical and mental discipline of dance can be applied to any job, any task. I received my BFA from NYU:Tisch Dance May 2018.

   Signed with Bloc Talent Agency, I've performed with Josh Prince's Dance Lab NYC, Warren Carlyle, Sonya Tayeh, Travis Wall, and more. While competing on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance, season 14, I was lucky enough to be apart of an Emmy Award Winning piece choreographed by the genius Mandy Moore. As a performer, I know dance will always be apart of my life, and I hope I will eventually be provided the opportunity to choreograph.

    I'm ready to help usher intelligent movement/dance with nuance into the mainstream. Dance, movement, is an extremely applicable tool comedy or really any kind of narrative storytelling; however, I can say from experience-- dance won't be used effectively if dancers aren't present in the creation. So, I hope to be a voice of advocacy for dance and dancers pushing the boundaries of the medium.

    As I freelance in NYC and explore the intersection between dance, nuance, comedy, storytelling, etc, my biggest goal is just to participate in work that I truly believe in. Dance is an intelligent and raw storyteller, and I want to help others to recognize that power.


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