When I think of acting, I think of observation and imagination. I think of the divide between performing (replicating) human actions and living human actions. As a young dancer I struggled with this duality. How to be on stage and perform in a way that doesn't feel phony, or put on. My study of acting in high school with theater's like StudioTenn, was built upon at NYU:Tisch where I studied using a myriad of techniques, including Meisner,  under Joe Oseroff, and at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts under, the literal genius, Ibby Cizmar. The compounded knowledge of dancing and performing at extremely heightened states led me to find the other end of the spectrum, and the truth that the best actors aren't performing at all--they are living the circumstances through the manifestation of their imaginations. I can't help but notice the study of acting's presence in countless artistic mediums. It's the study of trusting and believing in the circumstances you can create in your mind. That feels like universally applicable topic to me.

   Going forward I hope to continue compiling interdisciplinary knowledge in an effort to continue stretching my understanding and perspective, therefore strengthening my ability to physically and mentally adapt to imaginative situations, or act (but that feels superficial)

Acting Training:

  • Joe Oseroff, New York University:Tisch School of the Arts

  • Ibby Cizmar, American Academy of Dramatic Arts

  • Jake Speck and Matt Logan, StudioTenn (Nashville)

Matthew Vincent Taylor // Proudly creating since 1996

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